I have created a Discord bot that interacts with my iRacing Statistics database. The bot allows users to access a range of statistical information about iRacing Series and Drivers.

You can click this link to join the iRacing Reports Discord server where the bot will respond to commands in the #bot-playground channel. Feel free to check out your own stats for the current season using the /driver name: Your Name command. Below is an example of the type of information that the bot will respond with:


You can check out screenshots of the output from some of the other commands.

Adding the bot to your Discord

The bot also has a range of features that support iRacing teams and communities. It is possible to add the bot to your own Discord server and configure a list of drivers to automatically include in the output of the various commands.

I have set up a Patreon page to allow people to subscribe to help cover the costs involved with running the bot.

If you’re interested in adding the bot to your team’s Discord please visit my Patreon page and select the iRacing Reports Discord Bot: Team Access member level.